An Encounter With Yourself !

“Wow, you are just like me ?”

How often have you said those words to a friend of yours or to a person whom you get to know. And most of those time, its in a good way.

But how are you gonna react if you meet someone who is just like you – in every sense. Would you go along with him ? Love him ? Hate him ? Pity him ? Loathe him ? Or will try to get away from him ?

Lets give a thought about it.

Forget who you are, for now.
One day, while travelling in a metro, you meet a person who is just like you, in every sense – same face, same voice, same hair style, same way of dressing, same thought process – and you don’t realize that. You had a simple chit-chat with him. Since the other person has the same thought process as you, you can think of how the conversation would go (Or if you are an introvert, may be no such conversation would ever happen, but you’ll have some thoughts about that person, for sure). Now, take a break for few minutes and think of the whole situation and how it would progress and end.

Meeting Yourself

So ho.w was it ? How was the meeting with yourself ? How did you find yourself to be ? Do you really want to be that person whom you just met ? If not, you know what needs to be changed.

That was something to think of, for reading, I’ll share what would happen in my case.

If I was sitting in the metro and say the other me comes and sit beside me, the first encounter would have been an exchange of smiles and normally greetings and out of nowhere a random topic would come out – most probably something which is happening right then or something going over news. It would be followed with some satirical comments – end of that topic. Next would be some personal questions – may be source or destination of journey, job related stuff, anything which is light and not that personal. It would be followed by some related jokes and funny talks and that would give rise to more conversations. And my thoughts for that person would go from high to low to high, depending on how the conversation is going on. But as far as I know myself, if the conversation goes for long, I would love it.

During this whole time, what would be going in my mind:

“Dude, just sit there, I don’t really want to talk much, its been a hectic day”
“It’s not really bad talking to him”
“He has got some good points. He isn’t just talking for the sake of talking”
“He is funny”
“Okay, can we shut up now”
“Now, he is getting too friendly. I don’t really want to talk about my job or life – it’s messed up”
“Well, since nothing good is coming on radio, its better to talk to someone”
“He seems like a good guy”
“Man, I want to keep talking with him”
“Hope, we meet sometime again. Should I ask for his name and number”

These would be the sequences of thoughts coming in my head while talking about various topics with myself. And honestly speaking, I would kind of like myself – as a person.

And I believe, with so much similar likes and dislikes, it would be a great talk whatsoever. The problem would be the psychology. If someone is too talkative – he surely wont allow the other person to talk and that would mean a competition for grabbing the chance to speak. If someone is of too complaining nature – he would drive away any good conversation chances.

Its actually a good way of introspection – to know what kind of a person you are and whether you are the same person which you really want to be.

So next time, if you are looking for such answers, instead of asking your friends, take a 10 minutes break and imagine about such encounters with yourself. I’m pretty sure you’ll end up having some good imaginations and cookies for your brain.

Keep imagining and keep enjoying your meetings with yourself !

Cheers !


7 thoughts on “An Encounter With Yourself !”

      1. Thank you….I’m pretty clueless when it comes to social media so my blog is the bare bones–but, it is easy for people to navigate…no doubt about that. I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂


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